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Green Towel Scrunchie

These large soft thick cotton towel scrunchies come in four colors. These scrunchies are perfect for your shower routine, drying your hair after shower  before you go to bed. It absorbs water from the hair without damaging your  hair while doing other activities. Perfect for the gym and beach. This is the best accessory for those who sleep with wet hair.



  • 100% cotton




Thin Elastic

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fits all hair types
  • Approximately 5'' in diameter and 
  • Elastic approximately 6-8''
  • Thin elastic wraps 2-3x around the hair




Wide Elastic

  • Wide elastic is best for thick hair types
  • Approximately 5'' in diameter
  • Elastic approximately 6-8''
  • Wide elastic wraps 2x around the hair




Green Towel Scrunchie


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